DIY: Last minute Halloween costume

When I was younger, I went trick or treat one night and that’s it; I only had to worry about one costume, but Halloween in college is on a whole new level. It lasts a whole weekend, sometimes even starting on Thursday night!

I take it as a creativity challenge, “How can I transform myself tonight?” is my motto. But, as usual in college, I got invited to a Halloween themed party last minute and I didn’t have a costume so I wanted something fast, easy and completely DIY. The idea of being a baby deer popped in my head! The look took me 20 minutes only and I didn’t even have to buy anything; I had it all in my makeup bag so if you are dying to know how I accomplished this totally sweet looking baby deer, this is the whole process revealed:

To start, use a lighter foundation and draw two triangles down your eyes, then apply a darker foundation a little bit higher above your cheeks all the way to your forehead. Set with lighter powder in the light areas and with brown eye shadow in the dark areas.

Once your face is set, start on the details! First, contour your nose with white and a dark brown color. Then, draw little white spots on the dark areas of your face (this can be done with a white eyeliner). You’ll now want to start playing with the black details so start by creating the deer nose with your black eyeliner, and use that same brush to apply black eyeliner on your upper lip. Apply a light pink color on your lower lip for a soft looking deer mouth. Don’t forget to add highlighter on top of your cheeks and the tip of your nose so you’re glowing all night long!

To finish off the deer look, I added an all black outfit with a fur vest emulating the deer’s skin and that’s it, I got a whole Halloween deer costume for free.

If you have any doubts or want to share your makeup look inspired by this tutorial, tag me in your picture and add #SWSmakeup on your Instagram post. I would love to hear from you. ¡Besos!

Happy Halloween! 

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