DIY trend: Patched Denim Jacket

I found my denim jacket at a thrift shop in Rochester, NY. After debating with my best friend whether I should buy it or not, she insisted. After all, it was only $4!

I certainly don’t regret it. I got so into the denim jacket trend that I wanted to make mine unique so I decided to get patches for it! The challenge was that I didn’t want just any kind of patches, I wanted them to speak for myself and I wanted my jacket to have some sort of meaning for me, overall. This DIY project took some time but it was all worth it.

I started the process of customizing my denim jacket on I found two AMAZING online shops who specialize on patches: The Lazy Craft Store and Vintage Patch Co.

1.“The Lazy Craft Store” had all these cute and girly patches, I instantly fell in love with them! My favorite was the “sequin lipstick iron-on patch” and the “crazy dancing cactus man embroidered iron-on patch.” To get yours you can go on and feel free to follow them on Instagram: @Lazycraft.

2. “Vintage Patch Co.” was a dream come true! This company sells authentic vintage style retro patches and their merchandise is all you could ever asked for! My favorites were the “vintage booty patch” and the “vintage sequin babe patch.” To get yours you can go on

The best of this trend is that it’s very easy to do! This is what you need:

  • A denim jacket
  • Patches, preferably “iron on,” if not you would also need a needle and thread
  • An iron, which I didn’t have so I used my hair straightener and it worked perfectly fine! 😉

I challenge you to follow this trend by #DoingItYourself #DIY. Dare to show everyone on the streets your sense of style by wearing a one of a kind patched denim jacket. I am sure no one else will have the same as yours!

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