How to work your Winter look

When I first moved to New York, one of my biggest struggles was figuring out what to wear during the winter, I come from an island so all I wore was summer dresses and short pants. I remember watching how girls would wear cute outfits and be perfectly warm, while I wore tons of not-so-cute clothes and still be “congelá“. Two years after, I did my research and figured out how to work the freezing weather look, here are a few tips…

For an afternoon with my girlfriends in Central Park, I wore a winter must-have, a turtleneck long sleeved knit blouse and paired it with black leggings and black booties. But the secret for a cute snow day outfit is not on the basics, the key is to accessorize!

My favorite winter accessories are coats, scarfs and bandanas. My red coat is a nice touch to every basic outfit because it gives just the right amount of color needed plus it’s pretty warm. Your #ootd will be complete with a faux fur infinity scarf (good for warming your neck) or a knit jeweled headband (good for warming your ears.)  Remember to not use both at the same time because it might look too much and just be mindful that your well being is always more important than how you look so wear whatever you feel warmer with, fashion comes second; In this weather, the saying “Antes muerta que sencilla” definitely doesn’t apply!        😉

Photos by Melissa Gallardo

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