Lashes For Days (Without Makeup)

I’ve been wanting to try eyelash extensions for MONTHS! It was actually in my to-do list this summer. I’ve seen so many women rocking them and saying how much they love them that I decided to get mine done too. ¡Por fin!

Prior to deciding which place I was going to visit, I researched many beauty salons in NYC. All of them claimed to be the best, but I ultimately decided on Lash Philosophy. Vicky, the cosmetologist I booked is licensed by New York State and she’s a lash extension specialist. This place only focuses on lashes! Think of it as a spa for your eyes. Relaxing, isn’t it?

Vicky makes it a priority to do everything the right way from the very beginning so that the eyelash extensions last. She is extremely patient and careful while applying each lash.

To be honest, I didn’t know anything about lashes at first but Vicky made sure I understood the process before even starting. The length and curl of the lashes you pick make a huge difference. When deciding how you want your lashes to look, and ultimately your eyes, you must evaluate the natural shape of your eyes.

I chose the “doll-eyes” so my eyelash extensions were 13mm long. I was concerned about the glue used but the one at Lash Philosophy lasts for a long time and does not lead to eye infections, so make sure to ask about this beforehand. Infections mainly come from bad eyelash application so I felt comfortable with Vicky because I knew she really paid attention to the application process. 

She focused in keeping my natural lashes as healthy as possible so she cleaned my natural lashes before applying the extensions, something that a lot of other salons fail to do.

According to her, “technicians and customers need to work together”. It is equally important that each client knows how to take care of their eyelash extensions correctly. After application, she explained how I could take care of my lashes and how to make them last longer than usual.

I haven’t used mascara ever since I got the eyelash extensions. I literally do not need it, and it’s actually not recommended because it brings dirt to your lashes if you don’t clean them properly afterwards. You are also advised to stay away from oil-based makeup products.

Certainly the best thing about getting your eyelashes done is not having to wear makeup and looking FLAWLESS without even trying.

Lash Philosophy NYC
261 W 35 st, 600A, New York, NY 10001

With love,

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