My Spa Experience: Feeling “Alive and Beautiful”

Featured in The New York Times, Vogue and Cosmopolitan, YeloSpa is an urban refuge for busy professionals. This urban spa, it’s based in the metropolitan area of San Juan and even though it tailors all kinds of clientele, it appeals even more to those who are really stressed out and need a minute to treat themselves. With 8 Treatment Rooms, Salt Water Flotarium, Steam Room, Rain Hallway, the chic YeloDry Blo Bar as well as Mani-Pedis, YeloSpa is revolutionizing the spa concept both in Puerto Rico and the U.S.

Imagine an all-pink reception, dim lighting and a big smile upon your entrance to YeloSpa San Juan. The soft calming music sets the tone for the experience you are about to have and you instantly feel relaxed. Within seconds, the staff greeted me with my favorite drink, a white blueberry iced tea, and walk me through the YeloSpa way of doing things, very peculiar in contrast to others spas.

The first “wow” moment I had was when the specialist asked me what type of music and/or sounds I wanted to hear during my journey, I even got to choose which aromatherapy scents I’d like to smell. At Yelospa, it’s all about you! They customize the services to every clients needs and wants. I opted for a lavender scent, one of the staples in the spa world, and ocean sounds. Others have asked for Bob Marley music and country music, so you really can choose anything you prefer. No judgement.

The specialists sit down with you and ask how you’re feeling that day in order to determine the best services for you. There’s no set pricing nor treatment menu! You pay per minute and get whatever you feel in need of. I told my specialist that I had hiked to the top of El Yunque the day before so my legs and backside were killing me. We then decided he would do an hour massage on my whole body, but pay special attention to my back. Basically, in YeloSpa you just pick a day and time and leave the rest to them!

After my 1-hour long massage, I felt more relaxed than ever. I had a couple of muscle knots due to my high levels of stress but my massage therapist was able to ease most of my pain. I then went to the WetDry! Imagine a fun, beautiful, modern waterpark inside a spa where there’s a salt water Florarium, Vapor Room and Rain Shower Hallway.

The Florarium has 40,000 salt particles per gallon so you easily float for relaxation purposes. The Rain Shower hallway stimulates your blood flow circulation and the Vapor Room eliminates skin toxins. Combining the three of them is the perfect mix to your pre or post spa experience.

At this point, I was on cloud nine. All this wellness both physically and mentally was exactly what I needed after a tough and busy college semester in NYC. But the experience didn’t end here, I went on to get a manicure and spa pedicure with Limaris Colon while I drank a complimentary glass of white wine. I mean, what else can you ask for? Drinks and pampering is all I need to feel like a princess!

To top it all off, YeloSpa had a little surprise for me at the end of my wellness journey, the Magnesphere experience! In other words, I was about to enter Puerto Rico’s first and only magnetic field capsule for sleep therapy, used to relieve stress and recharge the body. The spa specialist basically puts you with your knees slightly above your head, also known as “zero gravity” because if you were sent to a space station, your body would naturally take that position as if you were just floating in zero gravity. The advantage of this position is that your blood flow is going to be slightly modified and the blood is going to concentrate in your chest, provoking a quick relaxation response. My long nap lasted one hour but this equaled 3-4 hours of deep sleep! Believe me, I was ready to party afterwards.

Having a spa day is important for both your body and brain. Downtime includes meditation or mindfulness, vacations or naps. A spa day includes all three, so in addition to a break and revitalization, taking a few hours for yourself is essential to achieve your highest levels of performance.

With love,

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