Skincare Routine: On my way to Flawless Skin

Have you seen OLLY vitamins at Target yet? When I visited the store a couple of months ago, I was intrigued by their bright colors and great packaging, and it reminded me that I need to get better at taking vitamins on a daily basis! So when the opportunity to partner up with OLLY Nutrition came about, I was super excited because it finally gave me the push to try these delicious gummies!

The newest addition to the OLLY line is their Flawless Complexion gummies. Packed with nutrients essential for skin health, this blend of purifying antioxidants supports a clear complexion from the inside out. One delicious cute little gummy contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Zinc (which I learned is essential for the generation of new skin tissue) and Selenium which plays a role in cell detox!

After trying them for the first time, I made them a part of my daily skin regimen instantly. Because having a flawless complexion doesn’t happen overnight, you’d better start taking your vitamins too! Flawless Complexion contains nutritional actives that will help support your journey towards healthier skin. As I mentioned, the vitamins in OLLY gummies help with cell detox, but also support hormone health and a healthy metabolism. Win-Win-Win.

One of my favorite things about these gummies is that they are berry-flavored! You’re suggested to eat 2 gummies a day, which is pretty hard because they’re so good you just want to eat them all at once. They are the easiest and tastiest way to get the nutrients essential for clear skin. And like all of OLLY’s gummies, Flawless Complexion is made without any artificial colors or flavors.

While doing things like drinking more water and sleeping 8 hours a day is definitely essential for the health of your skin, adding vitamins like Flawless Complexion has become another fun way to boost my daily skincare regimen. I mean, eating gummies that are both tasty and healthy is the best of both worlds! They’re my new #HealthyObsession.

Are you good at remembering to take your vitamins? Have you tried OLLY gummies before?

With love, 

This post was sponsored by OLLY Nutrition. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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