Sabor with Style meets We Wore What

The subway ride seemed eternal, but as soon as I got off the train and saw Bloomingdale’s in 59th street, everything seemed right. Wearing a velvet turtleneck paired with a cream/black plaid skirt, both found in a vintage thrift store in The Bronx, I felt ready for my upcoming adventure. Upon my entrance to the venue, I suddenly felt a cool vibe, the same vibe you get right before you stepped on the runway to walk for a fashion designer (yes, I miss my pageant days but that is a totally different subject.)

I was about to meet Danielle Bernstein, the elite US fashion blogger behind “We Wore What”, who invited her NYC friends to a Estee Lauder event in Downtown. Even though Danielle has hit 1.3 million followers (on Instagram only,) her fame has not gone to her head. She still is the same cool and down-to-earth girl who started her style blog back in her college days.

Having a similar start to mine, I felt inspired by her and the content she creates for both her website and her IG account. When I first met her, it was like seeing a long time friend once again. She is casual, sweet and very talkative. As I told her about my recently launched blog, she immediately wanted to see it. As I showed her, she loved my recent bog post about my half skull makeup for Halloween. She even told me if I could do it for her next year and screenshotted my Instagram picture for future reference.

I will share with you guys a little insight into our chat, her future projects and a few secrets spilled by Danielle, herself… even a sneak peek of what’s coming next from her!

Some might say “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” I guess I shoot for the moon, and landed right where I was meant to be.


V: What inspired you to start We Wore What?

D: In college, I needed a way to connect myself with fashion, so I started photographing street style for outfit inspiration.


V: What do you think has made you so successful in the blogging industry?

D: I have stayed true to myself and people can see it. Also, I am a native New Yorker so I have that NYC edge in me.


V: If you had a tattoo, what would it be?

D: Tough question! A quote on my ribs that said: “The most important relationship is the one with yourself,” because you can’t be happy with others if you are not happy with yourself.


V: Which celebrity can you identify with?

D: Cara Delevingne, which is weird because I know her!


V: Who would you like to meet?

D: Obviously, Beyonce! She is the queen.


V: What don’t you like about blogging?

D: It is a 24/7 job so I can never turn it off!


V: What would you be if you were not a blogger?
D: Probably an event planner in nightlife.


V: What would you like to accomplish, you still haven’t?

D: I am writing a book. I will give you a sneak peek: It is about my life, how I started in the fashion industry and a little of sexiness…

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