Style tip: Try Bold Overlaying

Gone are the days where you had to match each and every piece of your outfit in order to be accepted. Nowadays, the bolder you look, the better it is in order for you to set your personal style. Now it’s all about taking risks and experimenting with patterns and colors as much as possible. I’ve been trying this out lately and I’ve found it to be both rewarding and freeing. It takes a certain confidence to decide on going out with a mismatched outfit. I mean, I’ve mismatched my socks before but I’m sure no one notices (Maybe? I hope so!)

While doing this, I dragged inspiration from the street style looks in Williamsburg, Brooklyn as well as Man Repeller. I just love the fierceness this overlaying trend exudes. I challenge you to do the same. Instead of buying new clothes all the time, try matching your tank tops with your sweaters and your skirts with your pants.

I would love to see the outfits you come up with so feel free to use #SWSinspo as a hashtag for your next #ootd Instagram post.

With love, 

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