The perfect couple: Denim & Leather

Listening to Abba’s famous song: Super Trooper, I felt inspired to write this blog post. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with all the workload of this past week: midterm week, commonly known as “hell week” but I got trough it #likeaboss.

So here it goes, I remember last year someone told me that wearing denim and leather was a sin. This person obviously didn’t know anything about fashion so I decided to finally try this new trend I thought about before but didn’t have the courage to pull off. My adventure began when I was walking in The Bronx looking for a long sleeve denim shirt, I know you might be thinking: “This girl should have gone to any brand store and just buy one there” but hey, Yo soy Latina so I love a good find plus I wanted to actually get a shirt from a thrift store, because its vintage (if you know what I mean.)

The denim and leather trend was inspired by biker gangs, believe it or not. They have this sort of unique badass hype that everyone wants to emulate, if this was not true then why so many people dress as moto bikers on Halloween? (Thanks, I told you.)

Case in point, I found my trendy shirt for $7 so I paired it up with my knee-long leather skirt I bought back home in Puerto Rico for $5 (I told you I love finding pretty good deals) and I became the happiest girl in the world. I finished my look with a messy hairstyle which honestly means I didn’t brush my hair at all. Yes girl, embrace not only your natural curves but also your natural wavy hair!

Exposing my new moto biker/badass style was the next step. I knew I had to go to a borough that got the same vibe so obviously I went to Williamsburg, Brooklyn and I must say, me encantó. The streets were filled with street art so that is paradise for me and the people were chill, unlike Manhattan where everyone is always in a rush. Walking through the streets I felt empowered because I was feeling good. As I have said a million times before, “If you feel good, you automatically look good.”

My lesson for you is: Next time someone tells you: “You cannot mix patterns, prints or textures” just tell them it’s freaking 2015 already and nothing seems to be off-limits these days so feel free to go ahead and start a new trend but make sure to tell me all about it, I might even try it and publish a blog post about it!  😉


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