Why All Women Should Travel Solo At Least Once

Are you tired of seeing your friends travel all around the world with significant others and posting photos of their incredible journeys? Has it been difficult to nail down a date that fits everyone’s schedule when finally getting a group of friends to travel together?

We’ve all been there, but having the courage to solo travel as a female is certainly life-changing. Not only you don’t have to ask for anyone’s opinions when booking a trip but also, you truly immerse yourself in the experience of visiting another country. 

  1. It gives you that extra push to get out there and meet other travelers and locals.

When you’re with your family, friends or S.O., you sometimes feel obligated to stick with them and not mingle with others. That’s the worst thing you could do when traveling! If you want to truly learn about other cultures, the main way to do so is by reaching out to locals, learning their stories, eating where they eat and ultimately letting them guide you towards the next must-see location.

  1. You choose your own route.

Not having to find experiences that suit everyone in your travel party means more time to do what you truly want to do! Want to take a winery tour? Go for it! Want to go skydiving? Do it! No one’s fear (or budget) is holding you back. You take your own decisions and the turnout of your travel is entirely up to you.

  1. You’ll find out how capable, resourceful and independent you truly are.

Until you are in over your head and desperately trying to figure out where to take the next bus or which hostel to stay in next, you won’t really know how resourceful you really can be. Some of the most fun experiences come from the unexpected and even accidental. You will learn to loosen up and make the most of any situation. Go with the flow, girl!

  1. You’ll treat yourself 24/7.

Think about what you love. A delicious meal? A day at a spa? A good night’s sleep? Traveling solo means all the time you spend is dedicated towards your pleasure! So whether that be booking a luxurious night at a famous hotel or simply getting a hot cup of coffee at that cute little shop you saw earlier, you’ll simply go and get what you want without asking for anyone’s opinion.

  1. You’ll feel like a #GirlBoss!

The hardest decision you will make with solo travel is to book a flight and pack a bag but even that very first step of your solo trip feels empowering. I can assure you that your self-confidence will grow from that point forward. At the end, you’ll feel proud you did it all by yourself.

  1. You’ll have an incomparable sense of freedom.

The “I can do it all” sensation that comes from solo traveling is a great thing to embrace. Traveling with friends or family will often cause people adapt to suit others. With solo travel, the ability to be selfish and do what you really want to do is wonderfully liberating.

As a female solo traveler, you need to pay close attention to your intuition in order to be and feel safe at all times. But knowing what it’s really like, personally, traveling solo doesn’t always mean feeling ‘alone’. Despite all the fears you’ll encounter, maneuvering a travel destination is such a powerful thing to give yourself as a woman.

Do you have other reasons why all women should/shouldn’t travel alone? Share them with me in the comment section below!


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